Daily Dump 07/08/2020

10:20 am

It’s humid. I dislike humidity.

I got my first postcard from a postcard exchange I’m participating in. Man, I love Real Mail. When I have a large enough audience, I am most looking forward to setting up a post office box where people can send letters, postcards, and greeting cards, because I LOVE real mail.

11:37 am

People are stupid.

When I say “people are stupid” I don’t usually mean the people who can hear me talking. I am not the type to accuse someone I don’t know of their stupidity when they’re still within hearing distance because I’m honestly afraid of someone yelling at me in return for calling them out on things, and also because I know I’m often stupid, and I wouldn’t like someone to do that to me.

I mean I think Disney World in FL should not reopen.

I mean I think people aren’t taking social distancing and wearing masks seriously, and a lot of people are going to get sick and die, get sick and have to deal with lifetime complications from COVID-19, and almost worse of all, get sick with a mild case and then tell everyone how it’s not so bad and that we “need” to share that not everyone gets super sick and the underlying message is not “I behaved irresponsibly and perhaps exposed multiple people to a disease that some people get and die from” but rather “eh, it’s okay, you probably won’t get that sick lolz all my friends got it too”.

I mean I think our current President of the United States is dangerous, unintelligent, abusive, crude, lying sack of crap.

People are stupid.

12:50 pm

I’m so hungry. Lunch.