I did a thing!

Perhaps you saw the thing, because I posted about it on Facebook and Twitter, which is uncharacteristic for me. I am not in the habit of bragging about my creations (usually books). But heck, I did the video even though my Critical Voice kept telling me circumstances weren’t perfect enough.

I have not yet done many of the other things on yesterday’s list, though. I did do one thing that wasn’t on the list, which was taking a walk. I tried to get Junior Youth to come with, but JY wasn’t interested. It worked in my favor, because my walk was therefore longer and a bit faster.

However, let me vent for a moment about people on bicycles who will keep plenty of space between themselves and their fellow riders, but who will brush by pedestrians with just inches to spare. Come on, guys. You’re coming up behind me, and you can see how fast I’m moving. Why not single-file yourself for the purpose of giving me a little space, too?

Anyway, the trail was busy. I’ll stick next time to the park trail on my side of the river, or better yet, just walking around the neighborhood. There’s significantly less traffic in the residential areas around my house, pedestrian and otherwise, and every single person I pass there will cross the street or move into the street to give others space.

The walk was good, though. I love longer walks. When the mornings warm up, I’ll start getting my 3 mile walks in earlier before my day starts, and then be able to go on a “decompression stroll” with Junior Youth and their camera in the afternoon when JY is ready.

I just “zoned out” for twenty minutes on Facebook. I need to stop that. And I need to wrap this up and maybe get a quick nap because I would like a nap.

February, I’m getting really tired of you trying to copy January’s sh*t.

Actually, February (with one recent exception which I will not mention other to say that it involved Junior Youth and everyone is fine) wasn’t too bad to me. In fact, I finally started doing one of the things I’ve vaguely wanted to do since I got back from the RISE Weekend in January.

Screenshot of Apple's Activity app showing closed circles from Feb 9-24

I have been doing the “move your body for 30 minutes a day” thing! I’m really proud of myself. I haven’t been so physically active since the late 90’s, early 00’s when I tried the Body for Life program. The flu knocked me out of that one, and I just never got back on track.

As much improvement as there’s been in my head in terms of accepting how my body looks (mostly) and being happy at peace with my weight (more or less), I am decidedly unsatisfied with one particular piece about my health.

Two particular pieces.

  1. My knees.
  2. Getting winded when walking up stairs

I mean, my body is pretty strong. It carries me around. My blood pressure is normal. But my knees, man. I can’t crouch, or they’ll give out. I don’t do squats for fear of the same. And I absolutely cannot kneel on the floor (which has made my first two attempts at yoga go particularly poorly) without significant padding because my knees will feel bruised for a week.

And stairs. I get winded. I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs. That is all.

So, yeah. I’ve been moving. Walking is my favorite move, but I’m trying to do some yoga, too, because I want to be a person who likes yoga nearly as much as I used to want to be a person who liked running.

Speaking of running, I’m also going to be doing the local, in-person, couch-to-5K group in March, and I’ve signed up for the local breast cancer walk/run event in October. This is kind of exciting for me, because, as I just mentioned, I used to really want to be a person who liked running. I even bought a pair of honest-to-goodness running shoes about five years ago, but then I never ran in them. This is clearly a side-effect of the previously mentioned personal development conference that I did in January, as that company is putting on a 10K/half marathon event in December. While I had no intention of doing that particular run at the time of the event when it was revealed (nor do I now), apparently the idea took root.

And oh yeah, I’ve also been practicing getting comfortable in front of a camera! It’s nothing fancy, I just occasionally remember to take my picture when I’m out for a walk. Clearly not every day, but once in a while. I tend to take them at an angle (that’s the best I can manage one-handed), and I’m not always in a good mood (see picture #4), but they’re turning out well. I might keep the practice up, and post them in a group from time to time.

And that is just about all I wanted to say! I hope everyone else is having a fabulous month. See you in a bit!

Goal 01F:2019 – Move More

I just finished my first goal for Write More Words post, and decided it was a good time to dive into the same post for Move More.

Hi! Welcome!

So exercise is something I have done successfully in the past. I’ve been able to lose some weight by following Body for Life and Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds, I’ve kept regular trips to the gym in my schedule, and I’ve gone for morning walks.

But…okay, so maybe “successfully” is an overstatement. And “regular” would be for a couple months, and then not.

So I have exercised in the past, is what I’m getting at.

But since I really want to move more, I need an actual “regular” habit, and since I have very little habit going right now in movement, for this first goal I’m starting there.

Move for 20 minutes each day

January 1-31, 2019

I had on there “and end up with a daily habit”, but there’s really not any bonus content here. I just really want to move for 20 minutes. And I’m not going to limit myself to a particular exercise, since I really just need to start moving. Most likely my exercise will be walking, but it could also include yoga. I’m not shucking out any money for this right now, so I will not be renewing any gym memberships or buying new anything. I’ll be doing everything in the jeans and yoga pants and hole-riddled sneakers that I already own.

So if you read my Write More Words goal post for January, then you’ve seen the ways in which I’ll keep myself accountable already, and please forgive me for repeating them.

Staying Accountable

Again, Twitter – @nivixious. Also, since I love taking photos, I’ll try to get a good photo to post there from my walk or whatever way I decide to move. Maybe a YouTube link if that’s what ends up happening.

Falling Off Track

And again, there’s no beating myself up if I miss a day, especially since I know that if I miss an outside walk, or if it’s cold, I can do it inside in front of my TV while watching a video. But even if that doesn’t happen, I just pick up and start again the next day. I may not even keep track of my failures in terms of “I missed X days this month” because focusing on the negative is a really great way to get me to give up on things. (I am a bit of a perfectionist. You may not have known that.)

It’s a pretty simple plan because I want it to be so easy that there’s no way I can avoid doing it.

An interesting side note

I was talking about this goal with my kids before I went out to actually accomplish my goal for the day. I was saying how I’d done the Walk Away the Pounds program, and I still had the book. I actually pulled the book off the shelves, and then was bummed that the DVD wasn’t inside. (For some reason I expected the book to be in a paper envelope stuck to the back cover.) I thought about trying to order another copy of the DVD, but then went for my walk and forgot about that urge (thankfully).

And then I got back from my walk (which was chilly and my ears got cold, but it was otherwise nice), and I went back to YouTube (because I’m on a kick lately to consume as much creator content as possible for some reason) to finish the video I’d started about a woman who’d lost a bunch of weight, and then I started looking for other things to watch, and do you know what I found?

Leslie Sansone of Walk Away the Pounds has a YouTube channel.

What you focus on expands.

Ninja Selling

Thank you! <3