Back to it!

Greetings and salutations, friends!

It’s Monday morning, and I go back to the office today and resume my regular, pre stay-at-home order schedule. Our state has reopened somewhat, so this is the next step. We’ve taken some steps there to separate people a bit, keeping space between us, and everyone will be all masked up. So I’m not too worried at the moment. Fingers crossed.

I am making good progress with my book, and behind with filming. I’m not sure there’s much else to say about that.

Well, this is awkward. Now I don’t have anything to say.

Oh, wait. I kind of do. I’m working through my book, as I said, by the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy. My progress is slower than usual (maybe I mentioned this, forgive me if I did) since I’m trying to do the “assignments” as they come up instead of just reading past them, promising myself that I’ll do them later, and then never doing them.

The current “assignment” is to make a list of 101 Goals, share them, then make weekly updates. I’m not sure if I’ll end up doing that publicly here, or privately with friends (who am I kidding? Probably here). One thing I’m sure about is that part of what he’s asking, to make them so specific that they have deadlines, isn’t working for me. I much prefer the advice of writing goals in present tense, as if they’re already here, so I’ll do that instead. My deadlines are just random guesses. I could do the thing where I separate them into years – 1 year goals, 5 year goals, 10 year goals, etc. That might be enough.

And honestly, that “assignment” is a lot like the Start Today journal I already do, listing 10 dreams as if they’ve already happened.

Okay, well, as I said, I’m back at the office today, so I need to get moving. Shower, teeth, getting dressed in dressy clothes I don’t really like.

That’s actually something I noted in the list of things I’m grateful for today, that I realize I deserve better than pants that don’t stay up well and clothing that I’m not in love with. My current pair of summer at-home pants are loose yoga pants that keep falling down, and my favorite jeans haven’t stayed up for years. Normally it’s not a huge problem, but I have been walking more, and the natural result of that is that I need a different size than I have. My inclination is to just keep wearing what I have until it wears out somewhere that’s impossible to fix, but damn. I shouldn’t keep wearing things that don’t fit. I deserve better than that.

I think I could adjust even my work uniform to be more like what I’d prefer to wear, if I put some time into searching for what I want. Then again, my inclination is to just keep wearing what I have until it wears out somewhere that isn’t worth fixing. Thankfully, I think one pair is almost at that point, if not two. Wish me luck finding some nice boot leg or wide leg black jeans.

Oops, look at the time. I’d better get moving.

I hope you have a great day! Heck, I hope I have a great day!

And if you aren’t having a great day, I hope you have a good day.

And if you aren’t having a good day, I hope tomorrow is better.


July-December 2019

Greetings and salutations! It is July 1st, a Monday, the start of my week. It’s a nice way to start a new month, honestly. Sometime in the past couple of years I switched from a Sunday start to a Monday start. While a lot of calendars try to trip me up with Sun-Sat weeks, I do all right most of the time.


I’m enjoying watching people posting all they have accomplished in the first half of the year, but feeling pretty bad that the only thing of note that I’ve accomplished so far is the cleaning of my garage. I’ve started two stories (novel-length) but finished neither of them. I’ve got a project from last year that I should be working on as well, and I’m not. And add on to that some parental issues I’m experiencing, and a busy season at my day job…

It’s hit me pretty hard.

I want to have the kind of year where I look back at it and am able to marvel at all the Things Accomplished. I had one of those years a few years ago, where I was Writing and Publishing, and it really felt amazing. I’m still getting some income from that year, but I really want to continue to build on that. I want to get Things Cleaned, and Words Written, and when I’m writing my New Years Eve post for 2019 into 2020 I want to have a list of things accomplished and marvel.

I don’t have that list yet, though. And I don’t think I’m going to set any goals right now, either, beyond just daily lists of things that need doing.

I’m tired of failing, you see. I’m tired of always being wrong.

Anyway. I’m off! Happy July 1st, and I hope you enjoy whatever the rest of the year brings you.

January status

January didn’t go well.

I mean, it kind of did. I wrote a very short piece of fiction and posted it on the blog. I had a birthday and lived through it. My two kids are awesome and my family is as healthy as usual, and I got to spend some time with friends.

But I failed both with moving 20 minutes a day and writing 30 minutes a day every day of January. I hit maybe five days total. Does this sound familiar to you? It sounds like every single story I’ve heard from disenchanted New Year’s Resolution-setters, and it is not unfamiliar to me, either.

Here’s the thing, though. I failed, but I also succeeded. I went for several really great walks which felt amazing, and I haven’t done that in a really long time. I didn’t do it every day, but I did it a few times, and it was good. I wrote a bit more on a story I had thought would be done by Christmas, and those are words that my undiagnosed, depression-prone head wouldn’t have otherwise cared about getting done.

So a fail, but a win.

I’m going to not think about February tomorrow until February hits tomorrow, because today was enough.

What I will say is this: write more and move more are still good goals.


2019 Wishlist

The first couple weeks of January have gone by, and we are officially past the halfway point.


I’ve been thinking about the two goals I set for January, but am having a hard time keeping up with them. Nothing particular is getting in my way except myself and my own lack of willpower. I’m currently listening to The Power Of Habit and I’m learning some interesting things that might help me get back on track.

Enough about what’s not working, and get to the point, Nicki.


I was watching to one of the many YouTube creators I’m subscribed to, and one person had a massive list of goals for last year, and I really enjoyed listening to her list the goals and add a Swedish-accented, “Check!” after each one. And really, I do have more than just two huge goals I want to accomplish. Maybe they won’t all happen this year, but also maybe if I don’t verbalize them, they’ll never happen.

And maybe I’m just generally full of crap. But I’m still going to share the list I made – here we go!

Random List of Things I’d Like to Do Someday so Why Not Now?

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Read a book every week
  • Take a day off every month just for myself
  • Create a daily visual art habit
  • Do/Start a 365 Challenge
  • Finish my portion of the Jackman T book
  • Create a coloring book
  • Write 20 books in a year
  • Quit my day job
  • Get G’pa’s rose tattoed somewhere
  • Build a cat-proof Christmas tree
  • “KonMari” my things
  • Learn enough Yoga so I can practice in my living room
  • Do the A-Z Challenge in April
  • Publish my 2019 A-Z Challenge in May
  • Replace the living room sofa with a comfortable futon
  • Create a daily meditation habit
  • Go to one party at Sunshine’s house
  • Go to Diva’s summer party

I could go into detail on these, but maybe I’ll do that once I accomplish them. And they might not all happen this year, but what if they did? That would be pretty damn amazing.

I think I need to spend some time with this list. Do you have any suggestions for what I should add to it?

Thank you! <3

Goal 01R:2019 – Write More Words

Oh, hello there! I’m so glad you came back to read more – or that you found my blog and decided to start here!

It’s officially 2019! And with a bit of hemming and hawing; researching and borrowing of ideas; thought and letting the wine think for me; I have decided on how to make progress with my Write More Words goal for the year.

In the process of deciding what my goal should be now, I also came up with some ideas for future goals, such as daily word count goals, writing X novels in X days, and writing X short stories in X days.

But since my 2018 was fairly wordless, I am going to start simply in 2019 to get myself back on track. So for the first 31 days of 2019, my goal is to:

write for 30 minutes each day and end up with one publishable piece of any length.

January 1-31, 2019

Which I think is 1) very reasonable, 2) pushing myself to develop a daily habit, and 3) provides ample space to expand and do more.

Staying Accountable

To stay accountable, I will be posting on Twitter once I get my 30 minutes accomplished, maybe with an actual time written and a word count for the session. Cheers would be lovely, as well as check-ins to see how I’m doing, if you’re feeling so inclined.

Falling Off Track

So what happens if I fail and miss a day of writing, or don’t make time for the full 30 minutes?

I try again the next day.

I think about why I didn’t get 30 minutes of time – was I “just not into it”? Poor time management? Not waking early enough? And once I can pin down what happened, I work to eliminate that as an excuse the next day.

I don’t scratch the entire goal as a failure. I don’t beat myself up. I don’t delete the blog and go into hiding. (I’ve done these things, and they don’t help anything.)

So that is the plan! Help keep me on track, if you’d like, on my twitter – @nivixious. I’ll probably end up making a progress post or two here, as I really, really like blogging. Oh! And 30 minutes of blogging is not going to cut it, by the way. I’ve tracked my blog and fiction words in the past, and it felt like blogging “counted”. But since part of the goal is to end up with a publishable piece, nope. No blogging toward the goal.

I’m going to follow up on my Move More goal in a separate post, maybe tomorrow, so feel free to check in for that!

Thank you! <3