I love that wherever I go, I startle people. Even though I’m tall and fat. They don’t hear me coming, or don’t see me waiting, or don’t realize I’ve walked into a room. It is one of my favorite parts of my life.

me, after startling 10lbs off a coworker


I get nearly constant reminders that I am interruptible, that what I have to say isn’t as important as the more popular person approaching my group, that I am unimportant.

me with my unsurprising low self-esteem

I don’t see the problem here.

A therapist that doesn’t treat me but whom I need to work with so they can treat someone else told me today that they’re going to look for a therapist for me because I’m apparently not supposed to like being isolated and be happy in my wonderful, comforting rut of a life.

Me, clinging to my isolation, because it’s fucking fine, I swear.