“Easter Sunday”

I wrote on Twitter on Thursday that I wanted to write a book this weekend and of course that didn’t happen but I did write more than 800 words of fiction and it probably sucks but I don’t care so here it is if you’re interested. Easter Sunday Wanna hear a story? Me, too. Let’s […]

Prompted: indulge me

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately and there’s a person there promoting her Patreon (as one does), which I have an odd fascination with, and she’s very motivational, and I thought…okay. I’ll be her patron for a small monthly amount because A) I can use some extra motivation, and B) it […]

Goal 01R:2019 – Write More Words

Oh, hello there! I’m so glad you came back to read more – or that you found my blog and decided to start here! It’s officially 2019! And with a bit of hemming and hawing; researching and borrowing of ideas; thought and letting the wine think for me; I have decided on how to make […]