Excitement for and against


Yesh. I am writing this the day of instead of the night before, and I am again typing instead of dictating.


So I talk about all of this in my video. If you’re more interested in that, go watch that. You shouldn’t miss too much.

I’m super excited about my story right now! I have it tentatively titled Sugar X, and honestly, I may keep that title. It’s not a bad title. I have a couple main characters sorted out – Clover and James. They’re the pair that will ultimately end up together, happily ever after. No spoilers here – I write HEA Romance. They all end up happily together.

I’m also very excited about the livestreams I’ve been doing on YouTube to keep me on track with writing. I got the idea from TikTok, someone went live while studying so they wouldn’t be scrolling on their phone. I thought that was a great idea – it would not only keep me off my phone but would also keep the television off. Of course, I do tend to get distracted by chat, but that’s okay. And I haven’t figured out how to use my phone as my webcam, which would provide me a better quality of livestream. EpocCam is a massive failure. It connects just fine, but the stream just cycles through and never actually goes live. Ugh.

I’m excited about having another day off this week. Yesterday was relaxing and productive. I got a lot of things done – writing, filming, and a bit of cleaning – as well as getting in a nap and watching a movie. I made food for lunch and dinner, and generally it was just a nice day.

I’m less excited about the way things change, and how resistant some folks seem to be to the fact that nothing can ever remain the same. The actions we take to make our lives “better” (it’s arguable whether it is better for everyone) have consequences. Everyone driving a car changes the chemicals that get put into our air. Huge cattle farms and hog lots, and the amount of food that needs to be produced to feed those animals, and the amount of waste those things produce, that changes our environment as well. Good or bad, it’s change. We used to manage for ourselves, and survive in smaller groups, and now we’re a global economy, and reliant on so many different places for different things. Everything is disposable these days. Things aren’t made to last, they’re made to be replaced in a few years by a newer model.

And that’s just frustrating. I won’t make arguments for or against those things right now. I eat meat, I drive a car, I can’t throw stones too far because I’m going to kill the cow that made my beef jerky or break a window on my vehicle.

I’m less excited about dishwashers. This is odd because growing up, my parent’s house has never not had a dishwasher. I grew up with unloading the dishwasher as one of my chores. After dinner, we rinsed plates and put them in the dishwasher. But a friend has had such trouble with them in her home, and it’s put a bad taste in my mouth. I can wash a huge pile of dishes in 15 minutes, max. My hands don’t break down, I don’t have to wonder how to make the dishes start getting clean when I’m washing them by hand. Dishwashers have so many heckin’ options, and do they really get your things clean? Maybe they do, but I don’t have to buy a new chemical to clean the dishwasher, or a dishwashing pod of chemicals to clean my dishes. I have to buy dish soap, this is true. Bah.

I don’t know why I’m going on about that stuff. Honestly.

I’m just babbling now. I hope everyone has a lovely day. Have you had a drink of water lately? Have some water. Have you gotten something productive done today? You can mark off visiting my blog for the A to Z Challenge if you want.

Have a lovely day!