Creative Creativity

I’m not narrating this one, I’m actually typing it.


lol. Anyway.

I remember the oddest things. I remember sitting with my writing group—


—and one of my best friends laughed and pointed out a typo, or a “nanoism,” she’d discovered in the book she was editing.

“The green couch was green,” was the gist of the thing.

I still find this kind of repetitive emphasis entertaining. Perhaps not cracking up laughing until you cry and your stomach cramps, but more cleverly amusing.

And thus, I still use it with excessive excessiveness.

See what I did there? 😁

I have a book, I titled it “Space Cats From Space,” because clearly “Space Cats” doesn’t tell you enough about the cats themselves. Are they Space Cats, but from Earth? Actually, technically, yes. But you don’t know that when you start the story, and so that is not the title.

It would, however, make a great sequel title. I don’t even need to take notes to remember that one.

And now I have a post entitled Creative Creativity. Not the other kind of creativity. Not the routine kind, not the scheduled kind, not the mindless kind, the creativity that is in it’s very nature creative in either it’s execution or it’s delivery.

Okay, fine. I’m really just pulling things out of my butt. I don’t know what the video will be like, but I have a title, dagnabit!

Big Ba-Da-Boom

I feel like some part of that titles city the should be capitalized, but I can’t decide which part, so we’re leaving it just like it is for now. Big is capitalized, everything else is lowercase. Capitalization corrected.

So greetings and salutations, friendly friends, and people Lee people-y people. I knew it wasn’t gonna figure out people leave people-y. Anyway.

Today’s post is about…well, I really don’t know what this post is about. I think I had intended to write this post about large books, and it was going to call it big books to keep the alliteration going.

I could talk about the 750 page Wanderers by Chuck Wendig, that’s a big book (but holy heck, I’ve talked about that a LOT lately). I could also talk about Promised Land, by Barack Obama. That’s another big book. I actually don’t know how many pages, but the audiobook is like 32 hours.

I could talk about my own biggest book, which I believe is Tripping Into Happily Ever After by, well, myself. I also wrote a particularly large and equally bad story called Towers. We won’t talk about that one. (I mean, we could talk about that one – it’s a lovely piece of science fiction that has a strong start and a moderate middle and a poo ending. The ending really was rather weak, IMHO. Maybe I’ll swipe at it someday and release it.)

If we drop books from the previous title of big books then we could talk about any film that Kevin Costner has directed. He makes those a considerable length. (Not that I don’t appreciate a 3-4 hour film once in a while. As long as I have notice.)

B could also be for babble, which I tend to do quite a bit. Especially in the videos when I am on my way to somewhere in my vehicle. Because I like talking. To myself. I could talk about how I got that trait quite clearly from my grandmother on my father’s side. She never met a story she couldn’t tell six times. Or 12. I am afraid I am going to torture my future grandchildren as my grandmother tortured me. Telling stories over and over again, because I can’t remember who I told them to before.

And here’s a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with the letter B. I am seeing so many more qualities of ADHD in myself, and I recognize some of them also now in my grandmother. It’s a very strange thing.

I don’t know how tomorrow will turn out. But being Friday, it is sure to be a blast. Ha. Ha ha. Get it? B for blast?

*sigh* i’ll stop now. Promise.



Absolute Anarchy

I’m laying in bed, the night before the event starts, and narrating my blog post. This isn’t exactly anarchy, but as far as a disregard for the rules goes, I think I’m doing pretty well.

I’m narrating my blog post because I had an idea for the video that should go with it and I don’t want to forget. The video title should be, of course, Absolute Anarchy. Just to keep up with the alphabet theme. Also, alliterations.

The video contents are going to be along the lines of announcements of the events that are starting on the first day of April. These are not April Fools’ jokes.

April 1st is the start of both the A to Z Blogging Challenge, and Camp NaNoWriMo. As a side note, I’m terribly thrilled that my dictation software spelled NaNoWriMo correctly. First try. Nice.

Here’s where the anarchy comes in. I have mentioned more than once why I do not participate in these events any longer. I don’t want to rehash all that. The short version is that the strict adherence to the guidelines of these particular challenges takes all the fun out of the challenges for me these days.

So I won’t follow the rules. I signed up for the blog challenge but I won’t sign up for the novel challenge. I may try to write a novel. I may fall behind in the blog challenge. It’s going to be a crapshoot what shows up here from day to day.

If you’re up for that, or you’re my friend, welcome! Feel free to not point out when I haven’t met one of the goals of one of the challenges. I know. Trust me. Life hasn’t gotten any less crazy in 2021 for me. I’m just doing my best. That’s all any of us can do.

So here’s my blog post! All written!

Kind of!

Let’s see what happens with the video tomorrow. See you then.



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Zombies! | #AtoZ #LetterZ #nonfiction

Hi! I know you stopped by looking for an A-Z post of a short story, or perhaps the craft of writing. Perhaps you even looked so far as to see that my theme is “Catching Up.” Well, while I did spending a couple of days “catching up”, so at least on that point I’m on theme, there may actually be no fiction or writing talk.

I’m breaking format because

A) it’s the last entry


B) A to Z wouldn’t be the same without an obligatory Zombie post!

This probably is the same as years before, because I like zombie movies, but oh well. Nobody will probably stop by anyway!

Alice in Zombieland (affiliate link): I enjoyed this when I read it years ago. It’s been so long that Amazon doesn’t even notify me that I’ve already read it. It doesn’t even appear to be on my Kindle, which is weird, because I know it was an electronic version that I read. Well, maybe it was one of the two books on the Nook that died. It was good, though. Definitely recommend.

World War Z (affiliate link): The book was not as enjoyable for me as was the Brad Pitt movie. I really loved the movie. I remember watching and wondering why the monsters were swerving around the old man and the bald kid, and coming to a similar but ultimately incorrect conclusion. No spoilers. If you haven’t read the book, I mean, I’m glad I read it, I don’t regret it, but if you haven’t seen the movie, watch it first. You won’t be ruining anything, in my opinion.

Resident Evil (affiliate link): Milla Jovovich did a great job in these films. I haven’t played the games, so I don’t have any opinions on how faithful the movies were to the games they were based on (they were based on video games, right?), but I really enjoyed the movies. I loved that they kept bringing back dead characters (Michelle Rodriguez, Ali Larter) in future films, not replacing them with other actors. I think I own them all in one form or another. I should watch them all before this post goes out.

The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead: Okay, I’ll be honest. I enjoyed the first season of the latter, and I’ve seen several seasons of the former, but I haven’t completed either one. I know, the shame! Especially for a zombie movie lover such as myself! At this point, if I ever do decide to see all the episodes, I”ll have to start back at the beginning. I don’t know if I can live through the prison season again, though. *sigh* Although, really, during a pandemic sounds like the perfect time to re-watch these…

Shaun of the Dead: Watched it, enjoyed it, but don’t have much more to say about it.

Pontypool: This was not strictly a zombie movie, exactly, but it was very close. If you like regular zombie stuff, you’ll enjoy this film about a disease that spreads like zombie movies diseases spread (quickly) where the infected become violent (like zombies do, generally), but with a twist that I will not spoil.

28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later: So the only reason I watched the sequel is because Robert Carlyle starred in it, but it was worthy, as was the original. Not to be mistaken for the Sandra Bullock movie about a recovery program with a very similar name, these are just bloody zombie flicks through and through.

I know there are other zombie movies I’ve seen, and I know there are more I own, but I don’t have my glasses on and I can barely see my screen, so I’m going to call it here and come back to add more if I think of them at a time when I am more awake and have my eyesight enhancers within reach.

Thanks so much for stopping by for my A to Z posts! I hope you enjoyed, and if not, well, thank you for not mentioning it! <3


You… | #AtoZ #LetterY #nonfiction


Hi! I know you stopped by looking for an A-Z post of a short story, or perhaps the craft of writing. Perhaps you even looked so far as to see that my theme is “Catching Up.” Well, while I did spending a couple of days “catching up”, so at least on that point I’m on theme, there may actually be no fiction or writing talk.

Of course you do. Does that seem like a strange statement to make? Well, I say it only to beat down that voice in the back of my head (and possibly yours) that creeps up occasionally to try to tell you that you’re not.

Do you hear that voice? I hear that voice. It sounds like me. It’s very, very good at impersonation.

It’s louder when there are other negative things happening. It magnifies the other things.

I don’t like it.

You matter.

You are beautiful.

You are amazing.

You are awesome.

You are so sweet.

You are so kind.

You are loved, and you are loving.

Can you even hear those in your own voice? It took practice before I could hear them in my voice. The very first times I tried, it was like an allergic reaction.

EW. That’s just…no. I can’t say that. Who says that? Just those stupid woowoo self-help idiots. Yuck. No, I don’t need that shit. I”m fine. There’s nothing wrong.


I have to be stern with that Other voice, the one that wants me to believe I’m worthless, that wants me to hate myself. But I’ve given that Other voice entirely too much attention. Almost 40 years of attention. That’s entirely too much.

The journey to self-love and self-acceptance has not been easy, and sometimes it’s easy to loose my grip on where I stand now. Sometimes I realize I didn’t build my little island well enough, and I slip or stumble or fall, but then I remember I planted that really great tree, and then realize I’ve been mixing my metaphors a bit more but it doesn’t matter and I grab a branch, and steady myself.

I’m going to start a book recommendation list of the books I read along the way. Of course, if you have access to a good therapist, you’re already on the path. I’m not ready for a therapist yet. I’m doing okay with my books, but I know the therapist is a step on the journey I’ll need to make eventually.


What was I going on about?

Oh, yes.

You matter.