Luxuries… | #AtoZ #LetterL #nonfiction

…that didn’t used to be luxuries.

Hi! I know you stopped by looking for an A-Z post of a short story, or perhaps the craft of writing. Perhaps you even looked so far as to see that my theme is “Catching Up.” Well, while I did spending a couple of days “catching up”, so at least on that point I’m on theme, there may actually be no fiction or writing talk.

Here’s a list of things that feel like luxuries right now when before COVID-19 felt like just a thing we did.

  • DiGiorno’s stuffed crust pizza (any kind)
  • Meatballs & Mozarella Hot Pockets
  • Take-out
  • Quick runs to the store
  • Meeting friends for dinner and chats
  • Buying toilet paper when needed
  • Holiday dinners with family
  • Walking on a busy walking trail

Clearly not an all-inclusive list. What things are you missing that you used to take for granted?

4 thoughts on “Luxuries… | #AtoZ #LetterL #nonfiction

  1. Definitely the tp.
    And shopping at 2am.
    Having sushi.
    Not worrying that my husband would get drastically ill from going to work and possibly come home to infect me.

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