F is for Finished (just taking a step back, swear!)


So I know that’s really click-baity titling on my end, but it was such a good F word I really had to.

I’m just taking a couple steps back. I worried last night that I’m sharing too much. Not just oversharing, but just too much, you know? And then I got it in my head last night that I need to cut off my hair, that I need to delete Facebook, that I need to remove all social media from my phone, that I’m tired of hearing other people’s voices in my head again (through videos, books, etc, not hallucinations), and it’s time for a rest.


Anyway! So since I don’t have the community tab on YT yet (1,000 subscribers needed for that bad boy), I update with short videos. That is all for today!

Happy Wednesday/A to Z Challenge/Camp Nano!

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