This month’s prompt is risk. I have several big projects to tackle if I want my home to be less stressful to me. Cleaning out my garage. Removing some carpeting from the house. Things that there’s a very good chance I’ll do wrong. But I don’t know if I don’t try. And that’s the risk. […]

Plans for May

Remember to check back in at the end of May to update my progress Organize towels in linen closet done May 5 Organize baskets in linen closet done at some point in May Clean off desk Clean under desk Get more comfortable desk chair Repair JY’s pants for concert done May 6 I may come […]


The word for May is Bloom, and I’ve gotten quite a few pictures of that kind of thing so far this spring. I don’t have a particularly favorite season, but this spring has been one of my favorites.

Time to restart…?

I have a background on my phone reminding me not to do that. It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up. And so I remind myself that restarting only ever brings me back to here – the point where I want to restart again. It never gets me the fresh, perfect beginning I’m […]

Day 1

Day 1

Stroll in flip flops.

Where I doodle and share

I used to measure and count and put a lot of effort into things like this but I think it turned out just fine without. Hoppy Easter!

Creating in order of consumption

Make the cover Write a title Write a blurb Write the book Wouldn’t that be an interesting experiment for me?

Tax Day Resolution

I’ve decided what I’m going to do for my Not New Year Resolution. give up “perfect starts” If you have my problem with these, you’ll know exactly what I mean and you need no further explanation. If you have never experienced the need to start new on Monday; if your notebook has never been thrown […]

FLog, Twitt

FLog, Twitt

I’m trying my hand at keeping a food log (FLog) with Fitbit again. I prefer my Fitbit to the Apple Watch, oddly enough. Maybe I wasn’t ever meant to be an Apple Girl? Well, anyway. It’s just the first day, so of course it’s going well. Whatever. Oh, BTW – the water is going on […]


Things I have gotten done today that I have been putting off: Vacuuming the house Sorting out my casual dresser drawer Run a box and a bag to Goodwill for donation Things I have gotten done today that I usually do on Sundays: Picked up groceries Check in on kids’ schoolwork situation Move car Do […]