I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup because I stumbled on it through another author’s blog and it sounds like is a lot of fun!

February’s prompt is pink. This is kind of super appropriate for me because pink is my color. I’ve said for several years that the moment I don’t have to worry about getting fired for pink hair, the hair is going 100% bright pink. Not a shy pink, either. No pastels for me.

I am one of those women (and I was one of those girls) that loves everything pink. Pink clothes, although I stick to pink tops these days, pink notebooks, pink paper, pink pens, pink backpacks, pink dresses. I don’t particularly think it was because I was “supposed” to like that color just because I was a girl – my mom’s favorite color is blue, and while that always baffled me (blue is nice and all, but it’s not pink, man!), fine. Everyone has different tastes.

Some of my daily pink items

Please forgive the state of my carpet.

Those are my essential pink items. The phone case, watchband, pen case, and traveler’s journal go with me everywhere daily. The laptop sleeve/case is used any time the computer leaves the house, and the water bottle I’m trying to develop a daily relationship with.

And it probably should be mentioned that the pink pen case carries one pink glitter pen and one pink ultra-fine pen. No, those are not my only pink ink pens.


Of course. While the front of my glasses are a darker purple in an attempt to not be too flashy, the inside and the arms are a lovely, bright color that you can almost see in this photo. I wasn’t sure about these because the arms are also very thin, but I love them now.

Vital supplies

In these two boxes I keep a ream of lovely pink writing paper, and letter-writing supplies.

This is not the full extent of the pink in my home. Notebooks, a giant soft die, a 6″ binder with a double-spaced, fixed font manuscript inside, a blanket, pens (pink barrel and pink ink), and a caticorn’s horn are just a few of the pink things I can see at this moment.

Oh, and the toes of my socks.

I think what I’ll try to do for the rest of the month is find as many pink things in my life as I can, and I’ll report back with photos. My purse might be pink, but it’s also kind of red. There’s my coat which could charitably be called cranberry, but that’s not quite pink. But photos. I’ll grab them and post them, and create a lovely pink gallery because pink is the color. At least, pink is my color. I get it if you don’t love it as much as I do. It’s not for everyone.

Birthday skies


I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup because I stumbled on it through another author’s blog and it sounds like a lot of fun!

January’s topic is First. There are a lot of Firsts I can talk about today, which makes today a great day to make this post.

Today is the First day of my new year because it is my birthday! I turned 41 today, and I’m almost as excited about 41 as I was about 40. I’m really hoping this year will be better for me personally than last year. Last year was rough in so many ways that I am going to purposely try not to go into. This year I intend to push myself to grow in both writing and fitness, to make uncomfortable decisions that I know are good for me, and to…do other positive things I haven’t thought about enough yet to include here!

As a slightly related side note, I was also the First baby born in the small Iowa town my parents lived in at the time. Sometimes New Year’s Baby’s are determined in minutes or hours instead of days, but it was a very small town.


Today also starts my First vacation from work for the year. I’ve taken two days off because I didn’t plan to take any time over the Christmas/New Year holidays (although I did end up with both Eve’s off), and today is the First day of that vacation! I intend on trying to take one day every month off of work, not necessarily to do something special, but to have a day which goes by at my own pace, with my own choices, and to do things I want to do. I will try to make them days the kids are at school, but if they aren’t, I can take advantage of the fact that my children are both teenagers and can manage without my constant mothering for a day.

I am the Firstborn child of my parents! I am also the youngest child because I am the only child. This was something that irritated me when I was little, but then I stopped caring about it, and lately, I’m very grateful for it. My parents both have siblings, my husband has more than 7 (but less than 9) siblings, my cousins all have siblings or step-siblings. It’s not that I crave being alone (okay, I do, but that’s not entirely related to this), but when the time comes, I believe I will have an advantage in being the only person who will need to make decisions. No arguments, just me.

This one is a stretch, but I just got my First pair of new glasses in four years today! They’re gorgeously pink on the edges, and more of a black-pink on the front, so as not to scare the other humans at my workplace. 😉

This is the First year that I’ve set goals or resolutions for the new year that I don’t particularly care if I mess up on. I mean, of course I will try to keep the daily goals I’ve set for myself, but I am going into this year realizing that I will not have ruined everything if I make a mistake. I’m going to get back on the horse/wagon/bicycle/blazing, sparkly, rainbow unicorn that farts candy and pick back up the next day! (I really like the unicorn image I have now. I wish I could draw.)

I think that’s all my Firsts today! I may have occasion to do more posts this month, but since I only set one reminder per month, probably not. But this was fun!

Thank you! <3

*frantic waving* (a form of greeting)

Hi. I’m trying really hard not to look too eager over here, and I’m pretty sure I’m failing.

Do I know you? Do you know me? You might. I’m an ultra-low-level blogger and writer who has a (really bad) habit of creating, maintaining, and deleting blogs. I started with, moved to, had for a bit, then, and then a hosted blog for a little while earlier this year because Finances and Life.

And now I’m back. My name is Nicki, and I love to blog. I love being silly and I love to write and I love to just have a home online to be that’s mine. I am determined to keep this blog going for the next three years, through the end of 2021. I have the hosting all paid up, so there should be no excuses.

What kind of stuff are you going to find here? Why, that’s a really good question. The tagline under the site name kind of covers it. I’ll be sharing writing I do, not only blogging but also fiction. I’ll be sharing things I create, because I love creating – photography, coloring books, handmade things, whatever floats my boat. I design for my day job as the head of a marketing department for a real estate company, and I learn neat things from other blogs that come in super handy in my daily work – I’d like to share some of that as well. I’m a self-published author, so when I have new work up for sale, I’ll probably gush about that for a while.

And most importantly, I need a place to be held accountable for the goals I create for myself. I am one of those New Year’s Resolutions people whose goals last a day or so. Maybe five. I want to be in the habit of setting goals regularly, and not just at the start of a week, a month, or a new year. I want to be in the habit of checking in with my progress or lack thereof and have people around who are willing to help keep me accountable.

So that’s it! That’s a bit about me and a bit about the blog, and maybe I’m just shouting into the void, but maybe I don’t mind that right now.

Thank you! <3