Big Ba-Da-Boom

I feel like some part of that titles city the should be capitalized, but I can’t decide which part, so we’re leaving it just like it is for now. Big is capitalized, everything else is lowercase. Capitalization corrected.

So greetings and salutations, friendly friends, and people Lee people-y people. I knew it wasn’t gonna figure out people leave people-y. Anyway.

Today’s post is about…well, I really don’t know what this post is about. I think I had intended to write this post about large books, and it was going to call it big books to keep the alliteration going.

I could talk about the 750 page Wanderers by Chuck Wendig, that’s a big book (but holy heck, I’ve talked about that a LOT lately). I could also talk about Promised Land, by Barack Obama. That’s another big book. I actually don’t know how many pages, but the audiobook is like 32 hours.

I could talk about my own biggest book, which I believe is Tripping Into Happily Ever After by, well, myself. I also wrote a particularly large and equally bad story called Towers. We won’t talk about that one. (I mean, we could talk about that one – it’s a lovely piece of science fiction that has a strong start and a moderate middle and a poo ending. The ending really was rather weak, IMHO. Maybe I’ll swipe at it someday and release it.)

If we drop books from the previous title of big books then we could talk about any film that Kevin Costner has directed. He makes those a considerable length. (Not that I don’t appreciate a 3-4 hour film once in a while. As long as I have notice.)

B could also be for babble, which I tend to do quite a bit. Especially in the videos when I am on my way to somewhere in my vehicle. Because I like talking. To myself. I could talk about how I got that trait quite clearly from my grandmother on my father’s side. She never met a story she couldn’t tell six times. Or 12. I am afraid I am going to torture my future grandchildren as my grandmother tortured me. Telling stories over and over again, because I can’t remember who I told them to before.

And here’s a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with the letter B. I am seeing so many more qualities of ADHD in myself, and I recognize some of them also now in my grandmother. It’s a very strange thing.

I don’t know how tomorrow will turn out. But being Friday, it is sure to be a blast. Ha. Ha ha. Get it? B for blast?

*sigh* i’ll stop now. Promise.



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