A brown and white cow standing in a green, grassy field with a barn behind him.


A brief review of last week

I got my taxes done! No, that’s not quite correct. I got most of my taxes done. I always forget the one last one that I have to do strictly online and with a separate company than the rest. But I got the rest of my taxes done! I owe the State and am getting […]

Morning, Sunshine!

its a nice day outside but a friend got some hard news yesterday so it’s probably appropriate that there’s rain on the ground and the clouds are trying but failing to cover up the sun this morning because that’s my friend we’re talking about here.

Theme Change

I changed my theme this morning. I wanted to like the Twenty Nineteen theme, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. This is better, for now, until I spend a lot of time at my site and get tired of it. I miss the days when I knew how to code my own blog. […]


I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup. If you like to blog, it’s not too late to start! April’s topic – “sweet”. Radical. Awesome. Dude. Sweet. Does that conjure up guys with long hair and surfboards? Skateboards maybe? I don’t do either, but I […]

April Challenges

There are a variety of 30-day challenges in April, and I’m not taking part in any of them. But a couple of them have been fun for me in the past, and you have a couple of days to sign up for them still, so I thought I’d tell you about them. Camp NaNoWriMo If […]

Updating you on my head and my life

Good afternoon! I have not been blogging lately, and for that, I apologize. For the first half of the month, I was quite out of sorts for no reason in particular. Now that I’m back in sorts, I’m having a hard time finding the motivation. I noticed something just now, just before I typed in […]


I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup . If you like to blog, it’s not too late to start! So, luck’s for March, is it? Okay, then. Four leaf clovers I can’t find them. I’m not that person. I’ve met those people, but I’m not them. Pennies, heads or tails I don’t believe it’s […]

“Advent” project – help needed

So a few years ago I read something somewhere online about a cute thing for your kids – you get 24 children’s books and wrap them up and then each day of advent your kid picks a book to open and read. They could be books from your shelves, new books, all Christmas themed, whatever. […]



I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup because I stumbled on it through another author’s blog and it sounds like is a lot of fun! February’s prompt is pink. This is kind of super appropriate for me because pink is my color. I’ve said for several years that the moment I don’t have to worry […]