An experiment

I’m so very tired of all the negativity showing up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. But I like posting on those sites (even though recently I deleted all my Facebook posts and currently staunchly refuse to post anything new there). But the negativity, the anger, the rage, the hatred is draining what little energy I manage to wrangle.

But I have this.

I’m going to start a post (maybe not this one) and just update it throughout the day to publish possibly at the start of the next one. To collect all the thoughts I’d thought I’d wanted to share on Twitter, or something, and see how it goes.

If it turns out just to be a lot of complaining, though, it’s never going to see the light of day.

Who needs that? I don’t need to see it, that’s certain.

I held the camera up

This isn’t the writing I thought I’d be doing when I opened the Chromebook but oh well.

I came close to making a video today. I sat in the car while the rain died down and I picked up my camera (phone) and looked at myself on the screen.

Then I put the phone down and came inside, because the rain had let up and I needed to get my computer inside while it was dry. And also because I didn’t know what to say.

But I nearly recorded another video. Very nearly.

ETA: I know nobody likes to hear this, but this is my blog.

I hate my fucking story the words are fucking stupid why did I think this year would be different I give up.

Elderberry Wine

When I was a kid we lived on 3 acres in rural Iowa. Our ditches were overgrown, and in the ditches close to the garden were some elderberry…vines? Weeds? Bushes? I’m not certain. My mom found out that a local winery would pay 50ยข a pound for elderberries, and so I’d cut them, and she’d drive me to the winery. The money was mine to keep.

Somehow she found out when the elderberries I picked would be wine (or she guessed) and bought a bottle and I got to try some. I don’t remember how it tasted. In fact, the last thing I remember about elderberries is that the county came through and cut and burned our ditches, which made them neater to look at, but destroyed my small enterprise.

I wonder if anyone local to me now (as I am no longer living in rural Iowa) who makes elderberry wine?