April Challenges

There are a variety of 30-day challenges in April, and I’m not taking part in any of them. But a couple of them have been fun for me in the past, and you have a couple of days to sign up for them still, so I thought I’d tell you about them. Camp NaNoWriMo If […]

Updating you on my head and my life

Good afternoon! I have not been blogging lately, and for that, I apologize. For the first half of the month, I was quite out of sorts for no reason in particular. Now that I’m back in sorts, I’m having a hard time finding the motivation. I noticed something just now, just before I typed in […]


I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup . If you like to blog, it’s not too late to start! So, luck’s for March, is it? Okay, then. Four leaf clovers I can’t find them. I’m not that person. I’ve met those people, but I’m not them. Pennies, heads or tails I don’t believe it’s […]