I have an alert set up to go off every morning at 9am to remind me to blog. That’s all it says, actually, just Blog.

I’m in a rare mood this morning. One of motivation and energy and (pause to take a big chug of water) desire to do all the things possible.

Yesterday I watched a video from someone who seems to usually do videos about How To YouTube. But the video I watched was her talking about the Law of Attraction.

Oh, yeah, I remember that. I learned about it 3-4 years ago. Maybe five? I don’t remember the when, but I do remember the books. You Are A Badass, Ask and It Is Given, and another Badass book on Money.

I remember driving home and listing all the things I was grateful for them before they happened, and then watched them happen. I’m grateful for getting into traffic easily, then pulling out into a space that just appeared, giving me time to get my car placed where it needed to be for my drive home. I’m grateful that light is staying green for me, then driving through the very green light, catching just a glimpse of amber as I drove underneath it.

Silly things. Not big things.

Yesterday I watched the video, and I was riled up enough to pull out my yellow Badass book from the shelf and read a third of it before the day was over. And I’ll probably read the green Badass book before the end of the week. And the Ask book by the really-out-there Hicks’ couple.

I’m going to make things happen.


Yesterday was my 42-day streak

42 is a good number, because it matches my age, and so that was nice to see.

I was just about as productive yesterday as I intended, which was lovely. And I got a little bit of relaxation in at the end as well, which was also lovely.

One of the interesting side effects of watching quite so many “How To YouTube” videos as I’m watching right now is that all those videos with the “secrets no YouTuber will tell you” all have the same things in them, which I suppose should have been expected. Also, with the sheer quantity of videos that I’m consuming, I’m discovering the advice starting to repeat. It’s a good reminder that there’s really no original content/original stories. The original portion is me – or the creator in question – and that’s what makes it unique.

It’s a good realization to have. When a person starts to feel like they can’t do anything new or original, remember that you are the new and original. Your experiences can put a spin on things that no one else has.

Well, at any rate.

The rest of today may include a trip to the office to try to tidy up a little, as I will be working from the office one day this week, and will hopefully include more similarly productive activities as yesterday. I have few actual plans, honestly, aside from doing all the things that I get inspired to do when I’m usually at work.

That said, I should get a move on, since it’s after 9, and precious time is wasting!


I slept in today after 8 am and it was lovely. I almost wanted to sleep longer, but then I remembered I had YThings to do, so I woke and started working on them. At this point, I’m essentially awake and up for the day. I just need to shower.

I had a pretty productive day yesterday once I got home. I spent the afternoon reading a short book I think I’ve talked about before here (yes, actually, fairly recently in the A to Z challenge), and I got Ideas from that. There’s actually a lot of stuff out there about failure, and how failure isn’t the opposite of success, but rather a stepping stone on the path to success, so I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how “failure” looks on YouTube.

Aside from the obvious “nobody watches your videos and you stop making content,” because that’s not a thing you can control.

Because most people set goals in terms of subscribers, or view counts, and you can’t control those. You can only control the content and frequency of what you upload.

So I have a script that I think I might try this morning before the sun comes out (if the sun comes out), as well as a channel trailer, which is apparently a thing people do. We’ll see how things go.

I also have some paperwork I need to collect and assemble and mail out, so I’ll spend some time on that this afternoon, after lunch, I think.

Aaaand…I think that might be it!

I’m excited to have a work holiday tomorrow. We haven’t got any plans right now, but I’m sure it’ll be a relaxed day. I should get the hamburger down today and make burgers tomorrow. I’m not confident I can make good ones. The last ones we had were from a We Ship You Meat company, and probably much better quality than I can whip up from the hamburger from the store, but I can try.

Happy Sunday!

I hope you have a great day!

And if you don’t have a great day, I hope you have a good day.

And if you don’t have a good day, I hope tomorrow is better.